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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Malaysian Gay Boy

Abg Handsome Bogel Tunjuk Kote Stim
hye uuoooaaalllss ? berminat dengan abg ni tak? actually ada someone send picture ni kat emel I. I publish la kat sini.. ade sape2 berminat nak kena publish tak? 

send picture / story / video hot korang sekarang..senang jew. send ke zaynmalikone@yahoo.com ;)


Anonymous said...

wow bestmye btg dia..nak kenal bleh? ada hp no ke?

Anonymous said...

HensemnyEee I nk knl

Iz said...

cari sugarmummy/dady yg baik , kaya , x kedekut , x berkira , amik berat , penyayang, bertanggung jawab dan boleh jaga aku

serius? call me
0147316396 - iz.

male dr K.terengganu.
sape sudi nk bela aku dan ubah hidup aku. CALL me. CALL sahaja.

atan said...

Hai, my name is Atan here, i am curretly offering afull body massage only 25 ringgit per hour and include the urutan zakar as well if you wantlah, and the price is only RM15. call me if u interest, and i can even go to your place if u want. 018-2451810

aqim fahmi said...


Shaq Mizi said...

Hi,, I'm Fie,, 19 yrs right now,, looking for top only.. Especially who live at Kepong & KL area.. it's oke if u r handsome or not.. contact me a.s.a.p 0172909349

Mohd hapis latif said...

Kepada sesiapa yg ingin massage di area kota timggi blhla hubungi hapis0177375072

akdk bumi said...

ade whatsapp x?

19alibQ81 said...

Aku cari bilik sewa plu
Area klang o sa
Xnak pondan
Wechat aku alibdila

19alibQ81 said...

Dek wechat id alibdila

bottomboys said...

Add my wechat..id:eywanramzainy

nadjrul fahmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fuckjubur said...

Area mna.....jum

nadjrul fahmi said...

hye..just a gay guy looking for fun adventures..bareback bottom..minat yang chubby and fat only
whatsapp 0172774831

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coien choy said...

Whatsapp aq... 0125275923-coien-

akdk bumi said...

Hai...nak budak umur 21 kebawah,abg umur 21 ...klau ada whatsapp la.. 0174160846... Like fun n love... I x sombong...klau boleh nak area utara tau...jauh2 lambat nk leh prgi

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